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Interested in our product? Do you need more information on virtual spokesmodels or a presentation for your colleagues? Simply click on the link below to fill out a short form and receive our free demonstrational cd-rom within one week.
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T. DeMuth - Vernon Daniel Associates
Welcome to is an internet-based service that allows your website to have a virtual spokesperson as the face of your company. We believe that real people relate to real people, not to animation.
Live Face On Web - Walk On Video
A walk on video allows users to view the perfect virtual spokesperson for your website. Capture the attention of visitors whom will ultimately become clients. The walk on video allows any website to make a connection instantly with the visitor.

The first impression is the most important aspect when it comes down to doing business. The walk on video makes the best first impression for a website. This sales tactic is proven to gain a guests attention and audibly deliver your business message in order to close the deal. This will be the best way for your website to increase in sales and get more leads for any business.

Get your message heard in seconds and stand out amongst competition. Let your walk on video close the deal or create a new lead. Not only can the walk on video create a sale it can also introduce your website, guide traffic on your site, offer a welcoming, invite users back to the site, and even create tutorials. With an audible message your visitors will want to read more and will make their way on to the text of your site. A virtual spokesperson can replace the surveys and charts that were supposed to help with the sale. Users will know that your website offers exactly what they have been searching for with your personalized message delivered through the walk on video.

People and web surfers are more prone to pay attention to videos and pictures rather than reading text. A talk website will verbally inform or guide visitors around your business website. Using virtual people will increase your website conversion, therefore increasing sales. A brief video for your website will impact your audience as the talking person distributes your message, visitors will stay on your site longer. The video on your website and website actor will influence potential clients and persuade them. Get started with your talking web site today and choose your virtual person. Differ from your competition with a video presenter.

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