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Interested in our product? Do you need more information on virtual spokesmodels or a presentation for your colleagues? Simply click on the link below to fill out a short form and receive our free demonstrational cd-rom within one week.
Dealing with my account manager at LFOW was as easy and efficient as the ordering system on their website. They were quick to respond in a professional and courteous manner to all of my needs. I always felt "in control" throughout this quick and simple process and look forward to working with them again in the very near future. The bottom line is my customers loved the end product! It was worth every penny. Thank you LiveFaceOnWeb!

Jamie Angeli - VirtualBasketballCoach
Welcome to is an internet-based service that allows your website to have a virtual spokesperson as the face of your company. We believe that real people relate to real people, not to animation.
Live Face On Web - Virtual People
Virtual people are no longer a big expense as they were when first introduced. Now a small company can afford virtual people even if they have little exposure online. When choosing virtual people there are many things to be considered. Think about how your talking person looks, how the website actor talks, also how your virtual person moves about the page.

One of the best things about virtual people is if the sales pitch doesn’t work you can easily change it and make a brand new video for your website. When your walk on video finally has the perfect combination, it will do all the work for you as the revenue rolls in. With a video on your website conversions will increase dramatically upwards.

Live Face On Web offers a complete service for your talking web site with many virtual people to choose from. Each video presenter has their own look, color, and can even be themed to your liking. This tool is the absolute best way to convert visitors into leads or sales. Every webmaster spends their time trying to figure the best way to increase conversion ratios. Then they discover the talk website and understand how and why it is so powerful.

The video loads every time the page loads on your site. As business owners try every technique out there to convert visitors into sales and leads they really need only one. Not only will the virtual people help your site convert it will also make it stand out amongst the rest of your industry. Deliver your message virtually and audibly loud and clear to all of your visitors within seconds of them visiting your website.

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