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I have been a leader in online marketing for over 10 years. It takes a lot, in this day in age, for an internet company to come along and really sweep me off my feet. The Live Face On Web experience was the most seamless process I have ever encountered. I submitted my order and with in hours I was on the phone being completely spoiled with wonderful customer service and attention to details of my request. We implemented the video on our website and our average donation increased over $50 per visitor on the first day. I almost feel like I went on vacation doing business with Live Face On Web. It was a wonderful business decision that will help us find a cure for this disease, and continues to make our website look extremely valuable.

Carey Paris -
Live Face On Web - Video For Your WebSite
A video for your website makes your site a one stop shop for prospective clients. The video for your website is a secret weapon designed to put you ahead of the competition. This will allow you to turn the site into an unstoppable personalized sales tool.

Just imagine a video for your website and you as a talking person on your own website. If not you then a website actor video presenter greeting new visitors and directing them immediately into the sales process. Think about what this walk on video can do and the immediate positive results virtual people will bring to your business.

Have a talk website create a relationship and establish your business as the authority in your industry. The video on your website will take the “cyberness“ out of the mix as the real virtual person connects with your visitors, whom will no longer need to read boring text. The talking web site adds immediate credibility for your business.

A video for your website is a must have for every e business concerned with creating conversions and sales from the site. In order to succeed your message must be delivered visually and audibly in seconds. The video for your website is smart business practice for several reasons.

Users will stay on your site longer because they will have an interactive experience. The engaging factor is extremely important as consumers bounce from website to website in seconds. With the video for your website they will be staying on your site until the sale is complete.

A video can even up sell your product and deliver your entire message in seconds. This is much more efficient than reading text and jumping between pages on your site. Also, videos drive traffic and are included in search engine search results.

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