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Interested in our product? Do you need more information on virtual spokesmodels or a presentation for your colleagues? Simply click on the link below to fill out a short form and receive our free demonstrational cd-rom within one week.
We have discovered that using video in doing marketing causes increased sales and easier conversions for our marketing efforts. We have tried video feeds from YouTube, in house video promotions, and after trying many variables we are happy to have discovered The models are nice and eager sounding in the presentations and we are impressed. We have two videos presentations so far on our site and plan to add more. I just hope my competitors don’t discover this service.

Joe Richey - WholesalerWholesaler
Welcome to is an internet-based service that allows your website to have a virtual spokesperson as the face of your company. We believe that real people relate to real people, not to animation.
Live Face On Web - Talking Person
The popularity of videos on websites has skyrocketed as nearly everyone is watching and sharing them. A talking person for your website is a perfect example of video that can help your business. The talking person is a must for web marketing and the success of your site.

With a live onscreen talking person your message is formed to answer simple questions, aid in navigation, and locate products being offered on the site. The live person used to be a programmed avatar but now can be a real website actor. This makes the user feel comfortable on your website and stay for a longer period of time.

These programmed avatars may be less expensive but the real live talking person will create better results and sales. Research has found that a website actor rather than an avatar creates far better results. A video for your website is excellent website promotion through a real live person.

The closer a walk on video connects to the consumer's psyche, the better the chances of prospects feeling a real relationship. In other words, the more relation that the video on your website creates the talk website enters into the consumers life and mind making them take action. The virtual person will bring trust to the site as it is a human talking to another human.

The talking web site will be a great way of delivering your message audibly to real people who are working for real customers. The clarity of the video presenter is astounding and you can choose any virtual people you would like to see.

This is the best choice for online marketers who want to close deals on their site. Make your mark by using a talking person and stand out amongst your competitors.

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