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What is it? is an internet-based service that allows your website to have a real person as the face of your company. We believe that real people relate to real people, not to animations. uses real people to enrich the interactivity of your site. has a choice of models, which you select to represent your products, services, and online opportunities.
On average, a visitor spends no more than 30 seconds browsing a website. If you don’t catch their attention within the time span, your sales potential decreases dramatically. You would also need to provide us with a script and in a few days you’ll have a professional presentation of your product, service, and online opportunity on your website.
Let assist you in this task. We have a wide range of services that grab the attention of your potential customer and turn them into a recurring customer.
How it works!
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Selecting a model Tell us what you want Let us do the thinking
Select the type of presentation:

Presentation Length
Choose 8 different video presentation lengths for your business

Size of the Video Shot
Choice from 3 different sizes for your video presentation

Video Shot Parameters
Long Shot - where the model is shown fully on the screen
Medium Shot - where the model is shown from head to waist
Head Shot - where the model is shown from head to chest
Send us your script, or let us create one for you!

Having a professional script is essential in getting your message across to your visitors and your clients. If you don’t have your script ready, then in just two easy steps we can provide a professional script for you.
Why use it?
Here are some of the things that can be used for:
  • Have a personal host introduce your website to numerous visitors
  • Use the model to explain your company’s products and/or services
  • Use the model as a guide to help direct your visitors’ attention to anything you want
  • Use it to liven up your website with a real life model!
  • Increase your sales!
  • Impress your clients and other visitors of your web site!

FEATURES provides variety of features to help you bring your model from script to screen!
  • Select from variety of models available on our web site. If you can’t find the look you are seeking, please contact us so we can work with you to find what you need.
  • Type in a script and we’ll have the model say what you want, the way you want it.
  • Explain what action, if any, you would like your model to do. Commonly you would want the model to point to something on screen when they describe a specific line of service or product from the main page. The model can also be sitting, walking, or simply standing.
  • Take the next step to have your model interact with your visitors. Let your model ask the necessary questions for you, and be a personal salesperson.
  • Works with any web browser and mobile devices
  • A Flash player or HTML5 capable browser is required
  • Compatible with any hosting services
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